Why a URL Shortener is important in Social Media Marketing?

Uto.la Published on August 08, 2021

Nowadays Social Media Marketing or SMM is almost everything to get an early success. SMM is all about connecting and engaging. SMM can draw an impressive value on your clients and of course for your product or service too. The ways you share or promote your brand is can't work sometimes. Normally, it is hard to differentiate between posts that hit and the ones that you want attention too.

When you want to earn more traffic to your content or post, resource and great post or content is only half the battle you have already won. But more way to go. No matter how much effort you have already put to make the content user-friendly and shareable, getting the right number of hits and clicks is what matters the most.

I believe you know why we normally fail.

If the target audience doesn’t click on your post, all your well-put efforts and great content become totally useless. You have to do everything from the top to bottom such as headline to the featured image and even the URL should be perfect and optimized to get attention.

Why is it important then to short your URL with a Shortener like Uto.la for Social Media Marketing? In this post, I am going to share some tips with you Why URL Shortener is important in Social Media Marketing? Before Social Media Age, marketers didn’t care much about how URLs functioned. But nowadays it does matter! In this speedy era, the audience didn’t like clicking on such a long, distracting URL. It took a lot of space especially in emails, and text wrapping broke the link.

In the early stage, it was almost impossible to keep track of how many clicks were there in a URL.

Longer URLs are nothing but an eyesore not to mention a hassle, especially for social media marketing.

But with advanced technology and URL shortener tools, the concept of short, customized URLs came into the digital world which is now considered to be most crucial in pulling traffic to your online service as well as in social media marketing.

1. Tracks everything! The number of clicks, their geolocation, and time...

Our link shortener tools provide analytics so that you can track your link clicks, from which channel they are propagated, and at what time the click was made. With this, you can get a clear idea of the post that has more likes and is able to gather a large audience. You can track and count every click you get on your links. 

2. Better marketing... Helps in making the post look even better...

Do you like long URLs? NO! Nobody likes. It looks clumsy & boring and therefore they bounce even before clicking the link. With the help of customized short URLs, the target post delivers acceptance and has more chances of being clicked. There are plenty of social media marketing tools that help you with the automatic customization of long boring URLs. The more appealing and user-friendly your links are, the higher are the chances to attract heavy traffic for your posts, content, or products.

3. Helps in recognizing a brand

Customized URLs’ are created by using one’s product or service name, which increases the brand visibility, as prospective clients and regular ones can share and recognize the link consisting of their brand name in an instant. It also increases brand visibility on Social Media.

4. Drives maximum traffic towards your content or site

A very popular thumb rule of marketing your product is following the 4:1 ratio. That means, when you are on the run to promote and create visibility of your product, 1 portion should be targeted to your brand and 4 parts should be about general things related to your field. The benefit of a URL shortener is, you can cross-promote your products, blog posts, or services with any of the links you’re sharing.

5. Add call to action

With a URL Shortener, you can add your customized badge or call-to-action tag to any of the websites with shortened, customized links. With the features like cross-promotion, adding badges, analysis on clicks’ timings and channels; link shortening tools help in driving traffic back to your products or website. So if someone’s visiting the page, seeing the pop-up, call-to-action tag and the reader will be directed back to your website which indirectly drives traffic.

Once you’ve chosen your URL shortening tool like Uto.la, you can easily integrate it with social media marketing. For example, with Uto.la, you can integrate a lot of features. So start sharing, and earn more value of your marketing and earn more traffic to your content or digital products. Use our Free URL Shortener Uto.la

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